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We ask that you read carefully and if you have any concerns that may arise, consult us. We are available to advise and provide the necessary information.

SERVICE REPORTS AND RATES: In all cases they are indicative and do not have confirmation. Service requests will be governed by the conditions detailed below:


1) The estimated price at the time of requesting services and / or booking them are subject to modifications without prior notice when there is an alteration in services, and / or changes in costs and / or types of services. planned change.

2) All the amounts paid before the definitive confirmation of the services are received as a reservation and in no case do they mean confirmation of the requested services, nor of the price thereof. The final confirmation of the services and their respective final prices will occur through the payment of the resulting final balance, the issuance of tickets and / or vouchers of services, etc. and the corresponding billing.

3) The total estimated price must be paid before the expiration of the term established in the particular contract conditions. Otherwise, the Company reserves the right to cancel the service request without prior notice, charged to the applicant as detailed in the Cancellations clause. All services must be paid in full before they begin.

4) Credit operations must meet the own requirements set for them. Otherwise, the interested party must complete the payment of the balances in the terms and conditions established in the previous paragraphs.

5) Air fares: each air operation will be governed by the special conditions of the fare and corresponding airline.-


The services that are expressly specified in each itinerary. In cases where transportation is included, it is provided according to the itinerary and the chosen medium. The scheduled air tours can be operated on flights of regular lines, special flights, non-regular flights or charters and according to destinations with or without stops and / or connections. Accommodation in the hotels mentioned in the itineraries or others of equal or greater category, occupying single, double, triple rooms, etc. According to the chosen rate, with private bathroom and taxes. The categories of the hotels, which are included in the itineraries, are the official ones granted by the tourist authorities of the country where they are located and their granting and control is administrative. The Company assumes no responsibility for the criteria governing that control and granting. In case of contracting accommodation in a triple room, the client acknowledges being informed that in most hotels, the triple rooms do not exist as such, but that it is a double room with an additional bed and even in some cases its conditions of Comfort are smaller than doubles. The limitations of space or comfort that this type of accommodation could imply are accepted by the clients, exempting the hotel and the Company from any responsibility in this regard. Meal plan as indicated on each occasion. Visits and excursions mentioned. Transfers to and from airports, terminals and hotels, when indicated. The expected number of accommodation days taking into account that the hotel accommodation day is calculated from fifteen hours and ends at ten hours or twelve hours (depending on the case) of the following day, regardless of the time of arrival and departure and of the complete or fractional use thereof. Las habitaciones podrán ser ocupadas hasta la hora del check out correspondiente, pasado este límite el pasajero deberá abonar al hotel lo que éste considere.La duración del tour será indicada en cada caso tomando como primer día, el de salida y como último incluido el día de salida de destino, independientemente del horario de salida o de llegada en el primer día o en el último.


1) Extras, drinks, laundry, tips, boarding fees, service fees, VAT and other current and / or future taxes, tolls, any personal expenses, excess baggage, phone calls, visa expenses, excursions Optional options included in the various itineraries, taxes and / or customs and / or migration fees, any type of insurance, personal or luggage, or any service that is not expressly indicated in the order of services issued by the Company and / or itinerary or voucher.

2) Stays, meals and / or additional expenses or damages caused by cancellations, delays in the departures or arrivals of the means of transport, or due to force majeure and / or unforeseen reasons beyond the reach of the Company and in general of any concept that is not specifically detailed in the corresponding itinerary.

3) Feeding en route, except those that were expressly included in the programs.

4) Expenses and interests in credit operations.

5) Fees for reservation management.

6) Passengers may require their seat preference on the plane, which may be managed depending on the airline, fare and anticipation of reservation and issuance. The Company will limit itself to process said requirement, not being responsible for the granting and confirmation of the same.

7) Car rental does not include fuel costs, taxes and insurance, unless otherwise indicated.


Group travel prices are based on a minimum of 30 people making the entire itinerary together from the point of consolidation, except for those trips where a different minimum is specified. See the particular characteristics of each trip. In case of not reaching the minimum number of registrations required, the company may cancel the trip without implying any right on the part of the passengers or clients to any compensation. The cancellation of the trip will be communicated at least 10 days before the date of departure.


La Empresa se reserva el derecho de hacer que abandone el tour en cualquier punto del mismo, recurriendo a la fuerza pública si fuera necesario, a aquel pasajero cuya conducta, modo de obrar, estado de salud u otras razones graves a juicio de la Empresa provoque peligro o cause molestias a los restantes viajeros o pueda malograr el éxito de la excursión o el normal desarrollo de la misma, sin derecho a reembolso por servicios restantes no utilizados.


For trips abroad it is necessary to comply with the legislation in force in each case and applicants should consult properly. It is the Company’s inexcusable responsibility to inform reliably and with sufficient anticipation of the requirements demanded by the immigration, customs and health authorities of the destinations included in the tour, being the sole responsibility of the passenger to have the personal documentation required by the aforementioned authorities. Consequently, the Company disclaims all responsibility for the processing and validity of the passenger’s documentation and the inconveniences that it may suffer for that reason, at whose expense will be the corresponding expenses for delays or abandonment of the tour due to lack or deficiency of The necessary documentation. For guidance purposes, it is required to have a valid passport, with their respective visas and / or tourist cards when necessary. In the case of children under 18 years of age, they must always have parental and maternal authorization duly legalized before a notary public and the College of Notaries. For family groups with children under 18 years of age, the Civil Marriage book will also be necessary. The shipment is subject to the presentation of the documentation enregla, in good condition and with updated photographs, this requirement being exclusively in charge of Mr. Passenger. If in doubt, consult the Transport Company, your Travel Agent, or the Migration Authorities. In addition, it is the sole responsibility of the passenger to hire a travel assistance card that covers the entire length of stay in accordance with the reason for travel and minimum service values, there is a certain possibility that in some countries, it will not be allowed entry in case of not meeting said requirement. If the passenger chooses not to contract such services, the indicated coverage must be procured on their own, in which case this Company is exempted from liability, since it has made the passenger aware of the obligatory nature of those services and at the same time is unable to otherwise verify compliance with such obligation by the passenger.


1) The date of cancellation will be established on the day that the Company reliably receives the passenger’s communication in this regard.

2) In case of withdrawal of credit operations, the amounts paid for reports, administrative expenses, sealed and interest will not be reimbursed.

3) In the case of withdrawal that affects services contracted in firm by the Company, their reimbursement will be subject to the contractual conditions under which the respective providers provide their services. In the case of individual hotels, hotels will charge one or more nights of penalties for cancellations made within 72 hours. before the arrival of the passengers. Fairs, exhibitions and other events have special cancellation policies. Please consult in each case. In all cases of reimbursements, if any, the Company may withhold the price or value of the expenses incurred plus the commission of ten percent of the services contracted and / or reserved with third parties.

4) Once the trip has begun, customers who voluntarily give up using any service included in the program, will not have the right to demand a refund for services stopped voluntarily.

5) No exception to this cancellation regime will be considered based on the occurrence of a hurricane that took place during the so-called «hurricane season» set forth in point N) of this text.

6) Refunds: all claims for reimbursement must be addressed in writing to the Company within 30 days of the end of the tour.


At the time of hiring, passengers must pay the entire non-regular or charter transportation service plus the corresponding land services sign. In case of withdrawal by the passenger, whatever the reasons, the provisions of the previous point apply. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in these cases the passenger will lose all of the amount paid for non-regular or charter transport and only the proportion of the price corresponding to land services (hotel, board, excursions) determined by the organizer will be refunded modality with which the service providers operate. For this clause to be valid, the quality of transport must be determined in the first document delivered to the passenger. This is due to the fact that this specific condition of cancellation without refund of the amount paid by the companies that are in charge of the provision of the non-regular flight or charter, is a condition imposed by the companies that operate this type of flights, based on the particular characteristics of said transport. The Company advises to take out insurance that includes coverage on cancellation charges. If the cancellation is covered by the insurance policy contracted by the Passenger, he must make the pertinent claim before the insurance company in question, without any right against the Company.

If the cancellation is covered by the insurance policy contracted by the Passenger, he must make the pertinent claim before the insurance company in question, without any right against the Company…. In this case, only the amount will be reimbursed for unused land services (hotel, pension, excursions) but will not be refunded to the proportional or total part of the amount paid for non-regular or charter transport. The Company declines all responsibility for the occurrence of this contingency and will not respond beyond what is established in the previous paragraph.


The right conferred on the client by the tourist services contract may be assigned or transferred to other people up to 30 days before the date of departure, and must be duly communicated to the Company. It will be accepted by the Company as long as the requirements of the carrier (the air ticket is not transferable), of the hotelier or service provider are not opposed to it. In the event that passengers are of different ages (older-younger), the price will be adjusted according to fares. In all cases of assignment or transfer, the Company may receive a surcharge of 10% of the agreed amount.


OLA de Ola S.A. (EVT Leg. 8987- Resol. 86/00) expressly declares that it acts as an intermediary in the reservation or contracting of the various services linked and included in the respective tour or reservation of services: hotels, restaurants, means of transport or Other providers Therefore, the Company declines all responsibility for deficiencies in the provision of any of these services, as well as for damages that passengers may suffer on people and property, whatever the cause that may cause them, delay, delays, cancellations or irregularities that could occur during the execution of the services to the people who make the trip through their mediation, as well as deterioration, loss or loss of the luggage and other objects of their property, since this responsibility is exclusively in charge of the respective service providers. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the responsibilities of the Company, whether it acts as an organizer or travel intermediary, will be determined in accordance with the provisions contained in Law No. 18.829, Decree No. 2182/72 and Res No256 / 00. The Company is not responsible for any fact of the client, made by a third party for which it is not necessary to respond or events that occur due to a fortuitous event or force majeure, climatic phenomena or events of nature and other events that may occur outside the control of the same, that occur before or during the development of the tour that prevent, delay or in any way impede the total or partial execution of the benefits organized and / or reserved by the Company, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code. Transport: The transport companies are not responsible for any act, omission or irregularity while the passengers are not on board their units. The transport contract (ticket, ticket, ticket) in use of the transport companies engaged in the development of our programs, when issued, will constitute the only contract between them and the buyer of the excursion and / or passenger. The air ticket is valid for one year from the date of issue, unless otherwise stipulated. The Company declines all responsibility for delays, advances or cancellations that occur on the part of the transport companies or for eventual damages occurred to the passenger during the transport. Likewise, since it is impossible for the Company to foresee possible inconveniences or breaches of the commercial airlines in charge of the transport that make up the tourist packages, the client must make directly and exclusively before the airline the claims derived from the transport provision .

In this regard, it is reported that the conditions of hiring of each flight are the exclusive power of the airline, and are provided by it on the occasion of issuing the respective ticket, among them we recommend verifying the existence of any additional charges before the change of tickets, so as well as the cancellation penalties applied by each airline.

In cases where air services are through charter flights or special flights, departure and return dates cannot be modified by the passenger. Failure to present at the counter with due anticipation or no boarding due to documentation problems will result in cancellation and loss of the flight in question, without the right to claim, refund or refund. The dates and times planned for departure and return are the exclusive competence of the air carrier, which may modify them according to uses and needs, technical reasons or any other characteristic of the activity.


1) The Company reserves the right, for technical and operational reasons, for programming or for its best development, to postpone a certain departure or to totally or partially alter the daily order and / or services that make up the tour, before or during the execution of it.

2) If the trip had to be extended beyond the terms established for reasons not attributable to the Company, it expressly disclaims the responsibility of continuing to provide accommodation at the planned hotel, being the expenses that originate on behalf of the passenger.

3) Unless expressly stated otherwise, the stipulated hotels may be exchanged for another of the same or greater category at no charge to the passenger. Regarding these variations, the passenger will not be entitled to any compensation.

4) The Company may cancel any tour when any of the circumstances set out in art. 24 of Decree No. 2182/72. In this case, the Company is only obliged to reimburse the amounts received on the day of the cancellation, without the passenger’s right to compensation.

5) Once the trip has begun, the suspension, modification or interruption of the services by the passenger for personal reasons of any kind, illness, death, etc. will not result in any claim, refund or refund, running, in these cases, the return costs for your exclusive account.


Any question that arises on the occasion of the celebration, fulfillment, breach, extension or termination of this contract may be submitted by the parties to the resolution of the Tribunal of the Argentine Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies and / or the Courts that They work in their Regionals. In case of submission of said jurisdiction, the contracting parties are subject and accept as accepted all the conditions established by the Arbitration Court Regulations.


This contract and, where appropriate, the provision of services, will be governed exclusively by these general conditions, by Law No. 18.829 and its regulations. The present general conditions together with the remaining documentation that is delivered to the passengers will conform the Travel Contract.


The months of September, October and November are considered as «hurricane season» in the Caribbean Sea and its surrounding area, a situation that must be taken into account by the client to make their decision to travel to destinations that may be affected in That period. This implies that there is a higher probability than usual in the other months of the year, that a hurricane occurs that affects the destination.


It is an inexcusable obligation of the intervening retail agency to inform the passenger, at the time of booking our services, these conditions by signing a copy for the Company.

In case of disagreement with any of the previous General Conditions, the interested parties may withdraw without charge within 24 hours. of the presentation of the Order of Services. Once this period has elapsed, the Order of Services will be considered firm, implying acceptance by the interested parties of the full application of the General Conditions, the particulars of each tour or reservation of services and those of the intervening transport Companies. Valid for interested parties and / or intermediaries, going on to integrate this TRAVEL CONTRACT concluded between the client and OLA.


For any divergence that may arise, the matter shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Provincial Courts with a seat in the city of Rosario, renouncing any other jurisdiction or jurisdiction.